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BreathFlow: Tools to Navigate Stress and Anxiety

Transform Your Tuesdays: Learn How to Regulate Stress and Anxiety Through Breath.



Breath is a remarkable tool, capable of shaping our mood and mindset. It has the power to soothe, inspire, and energize. In this session, we'll equip you with practical breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system, offering relief from stress, anxiety, and even panic. Through scientifically supported methods, we'll cultivate a sense of calm. You'll carry these breath tools with you, ready to transition from moments of stress to serenity in your daily life. Develop an awareness that intercepts stress before it escalates, utilising your newfound breathing techniques to navigate challenges effectively.




We demystify meditation and breathwork so that you use these tools effectively in your life

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

We take you gently on a journey of self discovery, where you can feel and discover how to regulate your own nervous system.



Breathwork and meditation can get a little "woo woo" at times, but we use scientifically backed techniques and we explain the science as we go.


Helping you on your well being journey and guiding you through the experience we have

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel, the founder of Whitby Wellbeing, has facilitated transformative experiences for over 5000 individuals in its inaugural year. With a Bachelor's degree in Biology and certifications in meditation and breathwork, Daniel merges scientific understanding with breathwork practices.

Daniel's skill is in simplifying practices often perceived as esoteric. With his guidance, participants gain access to profound states of mind and body, where stress, anxiety, and panic become distant memories.



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Join me from your own space

Sign up and we then send you a link. Using your phone, tablet laptop or computer you can join us online using the link. Join us from your own space; your bedroom, kitchen where ever is comfy..even outside in nature. Make sure there are no distractions. 


Overview and expectations

We start with an introduction around the general principles of healthy breathing for nervous system regulation and giving an overview of the patterns we will explore. 


Breath guidance

You will then be guided through  several sets of specific breath work techniques with the aim of managing stress anxiety and panic. 



After the breath work we will come into quiet gentle meditation and start to integrate what ever it is we were moving through in the session. 



We  send you a video of the session and a summary of the techniques so that you can start to integrate your learning into your life.  There is also a Whatsapp support group. 


BreathFlow: Tools to Navigate Stress and Anxiety.

BreathFlow: Tools to Navigate Stress and Anxiety.

Conquering Stress and Anxiety Through Breathwork

Breathflow;  Concessions

Breathflow; Concessions

For those who may be short of a few bob right now but want to take part.


"BreathFlow: Tools to Navigate Stress and Anxiety" is a program designed to give you the tools to be able to regulate stress and anxiety . This is achieved using (often ancient) breathing techniques backed by science- in particular those techniques of of Patrick Mckeown of Oxygen Advantage

No prior experience is required. This breathwork is suitable for all levels, including beginners. We provide guidance for each session to ensure everyone can participate comfortably.

Breathwork can facilitate deep relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system AKA "rest and digest" which heklps the body to feel safe.  The stress response comes from the sympathetic nervous system AKA "fight or flight"  and so we can interplay between the two with our breath- bringing "rest and digest" into dominance and generating feelings of safety. 

There are an infinite number of breathwork protocols. The Wim Hof method is probably the most popular and is based on ancient yogic breathing practices. However this is a breath practice that stimulates the flight or flight stress response. We will not be practicing Wim Hoff technique in this session- although we are massive massive fans of the technique in the right context. Rather we will use more gentle breath practices in particular those techniques of of Patrick Mckeown of Oxygen Advantage 

Sessions include guided breath techniques,  exercises, and practical tools to help you build a tool box of techniques you can use in your life to navigate stress and anxiety. 

The frequency depends on how quickly you can integrate the tools into your daily life. One session can be enough! The idea is that we give you these tools and you can go away and keep doing the practice on your own. However  the sessions are also a good time to check in and give yourself some self care..so don't be a stranger!

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BreathFlow: Tools to Navigate Stress and Anxiety

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