Our Events & Activites

We offer a range of healing events and activites that promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our aim is to help positively shape your life and give you a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Events & Activities

Soundbath with sauna by the river, in the woods

We’ll take you on a powerful cacao, breath and sound journey in the woods. We also take to the sauna and the cold river!

Full Moon Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony

Every month we work with the full moon to release what is holding us back and bring in to our lives what we need to reach our highest path and potential.

New Moon Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony

In the darkness of the new moon we develop plans and plant seeds for the future- in pursuit of joy and our heart's path.

Breathwork & Cold Therapy

We invite you to gently push your boundaries. We are guided on a breathwork journey at the waterfall...and if you feel like it we plunge into the water. You will feel amazing!

Breathwork and Cacao

Every two weeks we venture into the woods and work with our breath and cacao to raise our vibration and access higher states of consciousness. 

Breathwork Meditation

Join us for inner healing and tap into the health of body, mind and spirit.

Sauna in the wild

Our Finnish tent sauna at the beach or in the woods is the perfect tool for healing and relaxation. 

Whitby, United Kindgom.

Our events take place in nature.

Whitby Saltburn Scarborough and the surrounding coast, moors and forests have everything you need for a relaxing, healing experience.   

With the intention of connecting you to the elements and yourself, our activities take place at the beach, the moors and the wooded valleys of our special land.