We improve your wellbeing and mental health.

About Whitby Well Being

Our intention is to reconnect people to the environment and themselves. 

We do this by organising wellbeing events in nature, surrounded by the elements of water fire air and earth. 

We are in love with our beautiful Yorkshire coast hills and moorland- and this is where we take you.

At Whitby Well Being we are here to transform lives, to bring a balance of vitality and peace through our offerings and spaces. 

We offer a variation of events and activities that will help you find physical, mental and spiritual balance. 

Daniel O'Connor set up Whitby Wellbeing 

Daniel said: "I set up this service because I have benefitted massively from the positive impact of breathwork, meditation, sauna, cold water. These practices have had had a huge positive impact in my life and I want to share this with others. 

These wellbeing events are for everyone. 

If the cost factor is preventing you from attending any of our events, please let us know in confidence and we can arrange access.