A Wellbeing space in nature to reconnect.

Find mind, body and soul balance

We connect to the elements and use the medicine of nature to help you find your way, clarify your next steps, and reconnect to yourself.

A physical, mental and spiritual journey that unleashes your inner potential to connect with the energy field of the body and the environment.

Featured Experiences

Some of our special upcoming events

Sunrise Sound Bath & Sauna at the Plunge Pool in the Woods. 8AM

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - April· 3 hours

Sound bath, breathwork and sauna.

This is a very special event in a very special location.


Full Moon Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony 7-9 PM

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - July· 2 hours

Full Moon Cacao/Breath Whitby

Personal Growth


New Moon Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony 7-9pm

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - July· 2 hours

New Moon Ceremony

Personal Growth


Whitby Wellbeing gift vouchers

Whitby, United Kingdom

December 25 2022 - November 14 2023· 324 nights

Whitby Wellbeing gift vouchers

Gifting the practice of wellbeing, is a beautiful way to say you care.


Online meditation & breathwork at 8pm, in the comfort of your own space

Online, United Kingdom

January 30 2023· 1 hour

Online meditation & breathwork at 8pm, in the comfort of your own space

Find inner calm with meditation & breath work in your own space


Breathwork and Cold Therapy at the waterfall

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - June· 3 hours

Breathwork and Cold Therapy at the waterfall (Whitby)

Breathwork meditation and plunge in local waterfall.


Sunrise Breathwork & Cacao in the woods 7AM

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - March· 2 hours

Breathwork in the woods

Personal growth and healing working with cacao and by using our breath and connecting to the elements


Plunge Pool overlooked by the ancient oak (Friday Afternoon/evenings))

Whitby, United Kingdom

February - March· 1 hour

Wooded Valley Sauna

This is a very special location to connect to yourself and the elements.


Beach Sauna Saltburn Saturday

Saltburn, United Kingdom

March - April· 1 hour

Saturday Beach Sauna Saltburn

Connect to yourself and the elements. Detoxify , relax and feel amazing with sauna and sea dips.



Find your inner focus.

Connect to your inner flow

Discover your true infinite nature and become fully present with yourself.

We help you find that joy and give you the tools to navigate life with more ease and grace. 


Become one with your nature.

Connect with the natural surroundings.

With gratitude and honour we connect to the elements: We plunge into the sea, rivers, waterfalls and lakes.  We honour the sunrise and sunset, stare into the fire. We connect to the earth as we walk barefoot. We connect with the wind and the air as we breathe together. 

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We focus on the medicine of sauna, cold water therapy, meditation, breathwork, nature,  cacao and full and new moon experiences. 

Wild Sauna

Everybody loves our Finnish Pop Up Sauna Tents. Deep cleanse. Deep heal. Deeply blissful!

Breathwork and Meditation

Meditation and breathwork help us navigate the ups and downs of life with grace.  We help you get into that meditative state and bring that into your life. 

Full & New Moon experiences

We combine the offerings of various practitioners to deliver full and new moon ceremonies to help you level up in your life. 

Experience Whitby.Well.Being

Put yourself in experienced hands, in a supportive environment, and let the process unfold.