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Breathwork for better sleep

Breathe Your Way to Better Sleep Every Monday 9PM GMT



Quality sleep is fundamental to a healthy and productive life. Restful Rhythms is your go-to online space for achieving a deeper and more restorative sleep through the power of the breath. In our dedicated 1 hour sessions, we provide you with effective breathing tools grounded in scientifically backed patterns, which will help you to take control of your own sleep, dropping into sleep quicker, getting back to sleep after waking and having deeper sleep. The goal is to leave you with the techniques and skills needed to enjoy restful sleep consistently.


Simple techniques

Simple techniques

Breathing techniques designed to address common sleep challenges, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night, and enhancing overall sleep quality.

Get ready to snooze!

Get ready to snooze!

Our sessions are strategically scheduled for later in the evening, facilitating a seamless transition from the session to a peaceful night's sleep.

Science innit

Science innit

Understand the science behind our breathwork practices, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to optimise your sleep patterns for a healthier lifestyle.


Helping you on your well being journey and guiding you through the experience we have

Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

Experienced and qualified in meditation and breathwork, as well as holding a Biology Degree, Daniel's skill is in simplifying breathing practices so that you can incorporate them into your life.



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Join from your own space

Sign up and we then send you a link. Using your phone, tablet or computer you can join us online using the link. Join us from your own space.. Make sure there are no distractions. These sessions will make you super relaxed so you may wish to join from bed.


Simple breath patterns to induce relaxation

We start by warming up with some simple breath patterns.  We then explore various gentle breath practices, building in range and complexity. 



After the breath training we will come into quiet gentle meditation. We then close the space and this is your invite to drift off. 


Restful Rhythms is a breath training program designed to help individuals achieve better sleep through scientifically backed breathing patterns and practical tools.  

Particular breath techniques engage the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, thus creating an optimal state for improved sleep. 

Our sessions are designed for everyone, from those experiencing sleep challenges to individuals looking to enhance their overall sleep quality.

Absolutely! Our sessions cater to all experience levels, providing a welcoming environment for beginners and offering progressive techniques for those more familiar with breath training.

Consistency is key. We are showing you breath practices that you can integrate into your life. I do these practices almost every night! While individual experiences may vary, regular attendance is encouraged to maximise the benefits and integrate breath training into your sleep routine. 

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Breathwork for better sleep

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