United Kingdom·March 25 2023

Sunrise Breathwork & Cacao in the woods 7AM

Personal growth and healing working with cacao and by using our breath and connecting to the elements



This is a quick and powerful experience! Get to the car park for 7am . Have a little walk. Drink some cacao. Do some breathing- go super deep accessing your own healing. Then walk back to the car park and you are out of there for 9am ready to live your best weekend! Come with us on this breathwork journey to experience personal growth and healing a few miles south of Whitby. Working with the power of our natural breath and cacao- we will go on a meditative breathwork journey you will not forget. We access those higher states of consciousness to remove blockages, release old stuff, access wisdom and level up onto your highest path: In the woods we connect to ourselves and the elements. We are guided to breathe consciously to bring in healing, repair, restoration and energy, On signing up you are sent the location. Once we meet at the car park at 7am, you are served Cacao which imparts energy and helps you drop into a meditative state. We will take a short moderate walk to the breathwork site. You are then guided on a breathwork journey and we are guided into a higher state of consciousness. We are then guided back to earth. We walk back to the car park together and you are served posh porridge. We are all ready to leave by 9am. You will leave this experience feeling like you are ready for the next part of your path. You will feel energized and grounded. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself, cacao, meditation, and breathwork and how it can help you in your life.


Personal Growth

Personal Growth

The tools we use in this experience can help you to unlock blockages so you can get back on path.

Inner and outer healing

Inner and outer healing

Cacao, breathwork and meditation have been shown to have many benefits- spiritual, physical and mental.


To help you in your wellbeing journey we have a team to offer assistance and knowledge while you’re here.



Danny has been facilitating, hosting and leading breathwork and cacao ceremonies for the last few years. He will lead you gently and safely into a place of healing and rejuvenation. 


Have a look at the schedule below!




Park then short walk

You will be sent location details on signing up.  We then walk to the location. The walk is of moderate demand. Along an old path and up through some woods. We arrive at our destination.  Please bring head torch or torch in winter. The walk is of about 10 minutes.


Cacao Meditation

You are served Ceremonial Cacao. Raw organic chocolate from Peru produced by small scale farmers. The cacao will give us energy and soften our bodies for the breath journey.  



You are then guided on a breathwork session. We will start gently and incrementally take you on a breath journey,  working synergistically with the Cacao medicine. The body cells are filled with the healing air and we shift energies with our breath.   



We then come back into our bodies nice and gently. 



We return to the parking and we are served posh porridge. Organic oats soaked in coconut milk with a variety of toppings. 

What's Included

What's Included

100% raw cacao

guided breathwork

Yoga Mats

Deep in an ancient wood within a valley there is a special location

A sacred ceremonial space in the woods

We will be located deep in the ancient woods. 10 minutes walk from the car park. This is a historical quiet safe space with great acoustics.  This is a powerful healing space in nature. 

Deep in an ancient wood within a valley there is a special location

Trip Tips

Wrap up warm!

Wrap up warm!

You will be quite still during breathwork, so cold can set in. So bring coats and blankets! More than you think you will need! It is better to be too warm than too cold!

Eat light beforehand or not at all

Eat light beforehand or not at all

It is good to keep food intake to a minimum before having your cacao and going on a breath journey.

Bring a torch or head torch

Bring a torch or head torch

We will walk together but it may be dark depending on the time of year , so please bring a torch or similar.



Bring a backpack to put all your gear in so that your hands are free!

Yoga matt, blanket or cushion

Yoga matt, blanket or cushion

Bring something to sit or lie on.


We actually go a step beyond fair trade, and develop direct trade relationships with family farms and collectives in Peru.

We consider it “ceremonial grade” if it comes from a family farm, it’s roasted over an actual wood fire, and it’s grown and produced with the intention for it to be a soul medicine to the world.

Breathwork Meditation is different from traditional meditation. It's an active breathing meditation which helps you get into a mystical state using different balances of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, as well as activating various biochemical reactions.  

Yes! Breathwork meditation is suitable for everyone!  

There are an infinite number of breathwork protocols. The Wim Hof method is probably the most popular and is based on ancient yogic breathing practices. If the Wim Hof method is called for we can practice this method however we will explore a wide variety of breathwork patterns. 

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Sunrise Breathwork & Cacao in the woods 7AM

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