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Cacao and Breathwork in the Howardian Hills

Find inner calm with cacao, meditation & breathwork in the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty



Join us for the Spring Equinox. We bring you inner healing with cacao, breathwork and gentle music as we tap into the medicine within body, mind and spirit. In this special session, we will tap into the powerful energies of the Spring Equinox, clearing our energy forces & igniting our internal powers as we get ready to plant the last of the seeds we want to bring both in to the bloom of Spring to harvest in the Summer. This is your chance to get clear, crystal clear, about your wants, needs and desires for rest of this year and beyond. Mamma cacao is the great heart opener. Helping you to surrender, unravel and follow your highest path. Meditation and breathwork are scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, fatigue and even pain! The practice can also help you sleep better and strengthens your immune system and will power!! You will leave this experience feeling super chilled and grounded- with a clear way forward. Everyone is welcome! Especially beginners!




We demystify meditation and breathwork so that you can bring the practice into your life.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

We take you gently on a journey of self discovery, to places you may not have been before. We will always hold a safe space for your growth.

Inner and Outer Healing

Inner and Outer Healing

We seek to give you the tools to develop the foundations to navigate life with grace.


Helping you on your well being journey and guiding you through the experience we have



Nicky is a healer and space holder. She has been caring for people and holding space over the last 30 years in festivals and ceremonies all over this land and the world. She is a creative and unstoppable entrepreneur being the driving force behind Oh My Goddess Cacao and Nicky's Noo Noo's.  More recently she has started holding unique small sacred ceremonies at her yurt in the Howardian Hills. ( I wrote these word about nicky she will cringe reading this because she is so humble and she will ask me to edit it but i will refuse as she needs to shine her light even more!)



Experienced in meditation and healing breathwork, Daniel will guide you through the process. Daniel's skill is in simplifying what can be a mystifying practice. He will share what he knows about how to bring breathwork and meditation into your life.  



Sam has been studying ancient breathwork techniques and more recently has been guiding breathwork sessions for customers in the sauna. He also plays various instruments such as the handpans, guitar, flute and sitar... which are all perfect accompaniment to the breath hold.

Sam's gentle style will have you feeling relaxed and calm and his music will take you into another realm.


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The Oh My Goddess Sanctuary

Once you sign up we will send directions to The Oh My Goddess Yurt. A little Sanctuary in the Heart of North Yorkshire nestled in the Howardian Hills.  


Cacao is served

You are served Mamma Cacao with love honour respect and intention. This beautiful Plant Medicine is prepared by hand using traditional methods for maximum potency and pleasure.
These highly prized heirloom beans are harvested, fermented, dried traditionally and then lightly toasted to preserve the Cacao's full nutritional and medicinal properties.

"Indigenous myth recounts how whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, IxCacao leaves the rainforests to open people's hearts and return the planet to harmony." 


Simple breath patterns

We start by warming up with some simple breath patterns.  These  simple breath patterns can be brought into your life to help you manage stress and anxiety and even to sleep better.



Once we are warmed up we will move into a breathwork journey to take you deep into the subconscious.  This will be accompanied by Sam on the handpans, sitar and other instruments. 



We open the sacred space with a cleansing or smudging ceremony. A smudging ceremony is the ritual of burning plant resins and herbs while intentions and prayers are called forth. Many cultures have used the power of smoke to cleanse and say prayers.  Native American and Indigenous cultures have practiced smudging rituals to clear away negative energy, to invite in peace and harmony for individuals or environments.



After the breath work we will come into quiet gentle meditation before coming back into our bodies and location gently. 



You are invited to share what you have experienced, your story, your hopes dreams and whatever you feel. 


Grounding and food!

We then come back into our bodies nice and gently and enjoy sustenance (veggie soup).  You will leave this experienced energized and grounded. You will have a great understanding of yourself, cacao, meditation, and breathwork and how it can help you in your life.


Spring Solstice Cacao & Breathwork 6-10PM

Spring Solstice Cacao & Breathwork 6-10PM

Join us for inner healing and tap into the health of body, mind and spirit.


Breathwork Meditation is different from traditional meditation. It's an active breathing meditation which helps you get into a mystical state using different balances f oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, as well as activating various mi chemical reactions.  

Yes! Breathwork meditation is suitable for everyone!  

There are an infinite number of breathwork protocols. The Wim Hof method is probably the most popular and is based on ancient yogic breathing practices. If the Wim Hof method is called for we can practice this method however we will explore a wide variety of breathwork patterns. 

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Cacao and Breathwork in the Howardian Hills

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