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Megabreath Mini Retreat

This is a unique breathwork journey. 3 breathwork sessions. Sauna by the river! Side trip to a waterfall!



On this retreat, we will release mental, emotional and energetic blockages, We will activate dormant cells and parts of your energetic system, to take you into a higher state of consciousness. We will tap into the deepest states of meditation, reconnecting with your deep inner wisdom We will lead you to a place where you can alchemise and manifest your perfect life. Do you seek clarity? Do you seek to move onto the next chapter? Do you seek breakthrough? Do you want to unravel a problem or issue? Do you want to take your breathwork and meditation to the next level? Do you want to experience something unique and magical? Are you curious to discover how deep you can go with breathwork ? Are you on self-exploration journey? Do you want to unlock the wisdom inside? Or are you just curious to feel and experience something unique? This beautiful breathing journey in nature is for you. Join us in community, around the fire, in nature, in a beautiful , peaceful, quiet location, in the woods, by the river. This event takes place in a private land just South of Whitby. The breath space runs from at 2-6PM. But we have a side trip , sauna and fire until 11pm. See schedule below.


Safety & Trust

Safety & Trust

We are on private land, creating a safe space to help you to get into the place of surrender, so you can go deep.

Personal growth

Personal growth

You are in control of your experience. We take you slowly, gently and incrementally to a place which brings the most healing & growth. But you are always in control.



Our intention is to connect you to the elements and lead you into your own growth and healing. When you work on the inner healing, then everything else will fall into place.



We gather deep in nature. In the countryside. By the river. We breath on the meadow right next to ancient trees and a beautiful deep river where trout and salmon leap in the season.


We have a variety of facilitators and guides to help you on your mission.



Welcoming Shane…. From depressed chef to conscious creator the last 5 years have seen Shane dedicate his life to spiritual growth of himself and others. He is the creator of The Jasper Cacao project and Jasper Wellbeing and through those vessels he brings a mix of powerful practices and ancient wisdom weaved together to create beautiful heart led healing sessions.

Led through the infinite wisdom and guidance of mother cacao Shane mixes his knowledge and wisdom in pranayama, conscious expressive breathwork, visualisation, mindfulness, sound, and somatic movement to weave journeys of release, embodiment, and abundance.

Claire Cope and Team from Fire Within

Claire Cope and Team from Fire Within

Claire Cope, from Flame Within, is a multifaceted master and teacher. As a Gong sound bath and Reiki maestro, she orchestrates harmonious healing journeys. As a Breath Power instructor, Claire unveils the transformative magic of multi-sensory breathwork. She is also a firewalk instructor and crystal healer. Claire will be joined by two team members: Faye and Jenny. So you are gonna be in for a treat from the Flame Within team



Meet Sam, a truly exceptional individual! With extensive studies in ancient breathwork techniques, Sam has established himself as the go-to for guiding transformative breathwork sessions with guests at Whitby Wellbeing.

Not only is Sam an expert in breathwork, but he is also a virtuoso of various musical instruments including the handpans, guitar, flute, and sitar. These melodious companions beautifully harmonize with the rhythm of breath holds, creating an immersive and enchanting experience. 



Danny is the founder of Whitby Wellbeing and is experienced in helping people access higher states of consciousness with the medicine of nature.  Daniel has guided 1000s of people on meditation and breath work journies on the beaches, moors and woodland of North Yorkshire. Danny will guide you through the process, make sure you are safe and feeling comfortable within the experience...and take you safely, nicely and gently to the edge of your comfort zone- where the growth takes place.



Here's the breakdown of the unique journey that you will not forget




Cacao is served!

You are served ceremonial Cacao! Indulge in the transformative essence of ceremonial Cacao, sourced from Peru. This raw, vegan chocolate is a gateway to heightened meditation and renewed energy, a holistic elixir that readies you for the profound journey ahead. To keep your energy high we serve Cacao between each round. 


Breath session 1

You are guided on a breathwork journey by Dan and Sam using ancient breathing techniques to help you release mental emotional and physical blockages.  We start with gentle meditation and increase the pace in order to cleanse and release whatever is not serving us anymore. We break after 45 minutes. 


Breath session 2

Lisa Li will guide you into a higher state of consciousness using the breath and connecting to the felt sense. This allows the bodies natural healing ability to kick in, allowing you to process any unresolved stories we may be hanging onto that can effect our health and wellbeing. Stuck energy, stress and blockages in ones body can be released within a safe and loving environment.  Again we break after 45 minutes.


Breath session 3

Using the sound bath and multi level breathwork: Claire and team will be connecting you to the power of the wisdom, energy, divine within, through the power of the breath you will be guided  step by step  into your highest vibration and inner calling of who you are here to be. We break after 45 minutes.


Alone in your own energy

After 3 hours of breath work you will be in a high vibration and old stuff wouldv'e become unstuck. Now is the time to be alone with your thoughts. Journal. Meditate. Walk in Nature. Be gentle on yourself and start to intergrate what just went down.


Soup around the fire

You are served beautiful nutritious veggie soup around the fire. We discuss what just happened to help you integrate the learnings and experience.  And we have a laugh maybe a cry!


Fire ceremony

A fire ceremony is a powerful Shamanic practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release unhappy memories, fears, negative emotions, and anything that you are holding onto that doesn’t serve your Higher Self.  By releasing these unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire, you are healing at the soul level.


Wild sauna by the deep river

At the same time as the side trip to the waterfall, our rhythm shifts between sauna and water, weaving moments of laughter, contemplation, jokes, and shared songs. A harmonious symphony of relaxation ensues, leaving you in a state of profound tranquility and super duper relaxation.



At the same time as we serve up the sauna, we have a delightful addition—an excursion to a nearby waterfall beauty spot. A half-mile away along a track through ancient forest is Thomason Foss Waterfall, This captivating cascade beckons with its pristine beauty and the allure of a refreshing swim. A moment to unite with nature's splendor, a reminder that amidst our journey within, the world's marvels await to inspire and rejuvenate

A beautiful peaceful meadow by a lovely river surrounded by ancient trees.

We are secluded and on private land.

We are located deep in the countryside.  10 mins drive South of Whitby. There are no other people. The air is clean. The water is clean. We are surrounded by woods and fields nestled in a deep valley.

A beautiful peaceful meadow by a lovely river surrounded by ancient trees.

Trip Tips

Wrap Up Warm!

Wrap Up Warm!

During breathwork you will be very still an cold can set in- so layers are good.

Bring a bottle of water

Bring a bottle of water

During the breathwork you will lose water as you breathe. So it is good to have a bottle nearby.

Golden Silence

Golden Silence

Try to remain in Golden Silence throughout. You will go deeper if you can be present and undistracted. This especially applies moving between breath sessions.


Breathwork Meditation is different from traditional meditation. It's an active breathing meditation which helps you get into a mystical state using different balances of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, as well as activating various biochemical reactions.  

Yes! Breathwork meditation is suitable for everyone!  

There are an infinite number of breathwork protocols. The Wim Hof method is probably the most popular and is based on ancient yogic breathing practices. If the Wim Hof method is called for we can practice this method however we will explore a wide variety of breathwork patterns. 

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Megabreath Mini Retreat

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