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Saltburn's Wild Beach Sauna Retreat

Immerse Yourself: Wood-Fired Finnish Sauna by the Seaside in Saltburn



Step into a world of steam and serenity as our pop-up sauna tent graces the beach, beckoning those in need of revitalisation. With a big list of benefits for mind, body, and soul, the sauna experience becomes profound when paired with invigorating cold plunges. Nestled in nature's embrace, we gather to unwind within the sauna's warmth, serenaded by birdsong and crashing waves. As the heat envelops you, sweat begins to cleanse, preparing you for a refreshing cooldown – an outdoor break or a brisk sea dip, the choice is yours. Leave with a newfound connection to nature, sauna, and yourself. Recharge, renew, and discover the magic of this "I can't believe this is legal" hot & cold union. Please note, the sea dip is optional, a personal choice made at your own discretion and risk. Join us in this rejuvenating journey – where relaxation, rejuvenation, and nature unite


Physical  Health

Physical Health

πŸ’§ Decreases the risk of stroke and hypertension πŸ’– Enhances heart health πŸ’ͺ Eases chronic pain and fatigue πŸ‹οΈ Boosts exercise performance 🩹 Speeds up muscle recovery. 🧠 Reduces dementia and alzheimer's disease.

Mental Health

Mental Health

🌼 Sauna lowers depression and improves mood- studies show this can last for 14 days after the sauna! 😌 Lowers stress levels and improves relaxation πŸ’€ Induces a deeper and better sleep.



Feel the unity as you share the space with like-minded individuals, all seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and a moment of tranquility. The sauna becomes a hub where stories are shared, laughter is exchanged, and bonds are formed. 🌍🀝 Many friendships have been made in the sauna.


One of these experienced sauna hosts will be hosting the sauna and be on hand to offer assistance and knowledge while you’re here.



Meet Sam, your guide to ultimate relaxation at our Beach Sauna Sanctuary. With a calming presence, Sam ensures every guest feels safe and comfortable, fostering a warm atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. His easy-going nature and adventurous spirit make the entire journey enjoyable, even enduring icy dips for 90 minutes! Beyond sauna expertise, Sam enchants with mesmerizing pan playing, enhancing the overall tranquility. Join Sam for a journey of rejuvenation, guided by a wellness expert and spirited adventurer. Your serene escape awaits.



Meet Dom, a radiant addition to our sauna community. Starting as a guest last year, Dom's infectious smile and boundless warmth quickly made him an invaluable part of our team. With unwavering dedication, he tends to every detail, ensuring your comfort and stoking the fires that fuel our oasis. Beyond his nurturing care, Dom shines as a sustainability hero, embodying our ethos. Join us and let Dom's genuine hospitality and eco-conscious spirit enhance your sauna experience.



Have a look at our schedule below!




Pop Up Wild Sauna

πŸ•’ We start with a gentle 10-15 minutes in the sauna, gradually increasing the heat. As your core temperature rises and you begin to sweat, we take a refreshing break to cool off. πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ’¦

After cooling for a few minutes, we dive back into the sauna. πŸ”„ In the second round, we raise the temperature a little more, and in the third round, even higher! 🌑️πŸ’ͺ

Your safety and comfort are our priority, as our experienced team carefully monitors the heat. β„οΈπŸ˜Œ

In just one hour, you'll experience three invigorating sauna rounds, interspersed with two or three revitalizing breaks. β™¨οΈβœ¨


Cold plunger

To cool down, you have two options: Either relax outside the sauna or take a invigorating cold water plunge. πŸ’¦πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

If you choose the plunge, we recommend a gradual approach to help your body adjust. Start by wading into the water gently, allowing your body to acclimate. Once up to your waist, take a deep breath through your nose, exhale slowly through your mouth, and gently submerge your body, sitting on the floor. Remember, there's no need to go beyond your depth for the full plunge experience. 🌊🌬️

However, please note that entering the water is at your own risk. βš οΈπŸ’§

To the left of the pier is a lovely spot...

If you are at the pier , look out to sea. Walk to your left or in a westerly direction: You will see the sauna tent after a few minutes

We will be located at the end of the promenade, past the beach huts, past the pier at the opposite end of Saltburn beach car park.  .

There is free parking at the top of the cliff but you need to walk down. 

To the left of the pier is a lovely spot...

Trip Tips

Bring a bottle of water

Bring a bottle of water

You will sweat a lot and so bring some water... with maybe a crunch of sea salt in for hydration.

Wear swimming cozzie underneath

Wear swimming cozzie underneath

To save time when you get here just wear your cozzie underneath.

Be gentle and don't go out of your depth

Be gentle and don't go out of your depth

If you do decide to have a dip , please be gentle on yourself, go in slowly and incrementally. Then when you are up to your waist slowly submerge. There is no need to go out of your depth. You go in the sea at your own risk.

Wrap Up Warm!

Wrap Up Warm!

Bring plenty of baggy clothes to get back into once you are finished. Maybe a changing robe for modesty!

Head torch or torch

Head torch or torch

If you are attending a session before or after dark it might be helpful for you to bring a head torch or torch. We do have lights, but it is best to have your own personal torch if you have one!


We recommend simply doing the sauna what traditional sauna-ers have long done: nothing. Just sit there. Let your mind go. Do some reflecting while your thinking is still sharp; meditate when your mind starts going blank. Just be.

We will have a guided meditation and breathwork if the feeling is right.

It is also Ok to chat- this is your session and gift to yourself.

During your sauna session, you’ll lose a lot of water through your sweat β€” up to four cups during a twenty-minute session! Be sure to rehydrate with plenty of water afterward. Supplement with electrolytes as needed. 

We would also recommend to just go easy on yourself. You will be in a state of high vibration and relaxation. You want to be in that state as long as possible so stay away from stressful or negative situations, people or media. 

Bottle of water. Towl. Bag for putting clothes in while you are in the sauna. Dress in something loose and comfy with bathing costume underneath. We are just in bathing costume in the sauna then in and out of the sea (if you wish). Afterwards it's a case of getting back into your clothes again a bit wet, so consider a dressing gown/towel/ dry robe for modesty.

That is absolutely fine there is no pressure at all to go in the sea! You can stay in the sauna as long as is comfortable and just take breaks out in the air. 

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Saltburn's Wild Beach Sauna Retreat

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