United Kingdom·September 3 2022

Shiva Shakti Yoga, Sound Bath, Sauna and Sea Dip

Bringing balance into our lives, in this sunrise mini retreat we cycle through yoga, sound bath, sauna and sea dip.



In this sunrise 2-3 hour mini retreat on the beach, we will bring balance and healing. We start at 6am and you will experience, Shiva Shakti- Yin Yang Awakening Yoga, connecting to doing and being. A deeply meditative sound bath immersed within the sounds of the elements. A Finnish sauna with healing steam and plant essences followed by sea dips in the beautiful rejuvenating North Sea. We then gather around the fire for nourishing vegan breakfast.


Your hosts for the retreat are



Yoga Teacher of Springtide Therapies Saltburn. Helping you on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.



Jill is bashful about shouting how amazing she is with her singing bowls and other equipment but let me tell you she comes highly recommended!



Danny has been hosting sauna and sea dips on the East Coast all summer, bringing healing to 100s of brave souls, who appreciate his gentle incremental encouragement of getting out the comfort zone in the heat and the cold.



We cycle through the 3 activities




Sound Bath

Sound Bath: Experience a deeply meditative sound bath immersed within the sounds and the elements. Let the sound literally wash away your stress and bring you to a beautiful state of calm whilst activating your body's own natural system of self-healing. This will be a very healing heart opening and shakti awakening experience.  The gongs vibrations impact the body and all its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension and stimulates circulation. The gongs also changes the feelings that are blocked by cutting the thoughts and allowing you to tap into your subconscious. Sound is so effective as it deeply influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. The varying sound frequencies  interact with our physical and energetic bodies in so many beneficial ways.


Shiva/Shakti - Yin/Yang Awakening Yoga

Connection to DOING – Shiva/Yang/Inner Fire/Spirit/Father Sun Energy and BEING Shakti/Yin/Nourishing/Grounding Mother Earth energy inside us and around us. 

Coming into balance and harmony within these two energies to come Home to the Heart, Home to Ourselves and the World with Love

You will experience: 

Breath work to Awaken the Shiva and Shakti inside us. 

Sunrise Sun Salutations to connect to Father Sun and Awaken our Own Inner Sun 

Yin Poses – held in seated or lying down for 1-3mins with meditative breath work to: nourish/reground and connect to our Shakti Selves and Mother Earth around us

Mediation to Come to Ourselves and Connect to the Heart 


Wood Fired Finnish Sauna

In the sauna tent we will sit with feet in the sand in golden silence, taking in the healing heat and steam. Your core temperature will rise triggering a whole array of beneficial biological processes to detoxify, cleanse and heal. Sauna mimics moderate exercise, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases happiness and a whole host of benefits.


Plunge Pool Dip

In between sauna rounds we will cool down in the beautiful plunge pool, if you feel like it. This will bring us back into our bodies and the present. The benefits of cold water immersion are many including improved immune system, stronger cardio, improved will power and reduced anxiety.

Trip Tips

Bring Yoga Matt

Bring Yoga Matt

Dress in layers with swim cozzie underneath (or close at hand) for the sauna/ dip.


This is an outdoor event ,comfy clothes so you can relax. We recommend that you wear lots of layers , bring blankets, pillows, anything that will help you feel comfortable laying on the sand ,remember to bring water. The more cozy the better the experience. Bring a yoga matt. Have you swim cozzie underneath for the sea dip and sauna. 

Please make us aware if you have any of the following contra indications 

For the sauna 

Heart issues or pregnancy

For the sound bath


Epilepsy triggered by sound

First trimester of pregnancy

Shiva Shakti Yoga, Sound Bath, Sauna and Sea Dip

United Kingdom· September 3 2022· 2 hours