United Kingdom·September 17 2022

Sauna at Secret Spot Smooth as Gerry Event

Connect to yourself and the elements. Detoxify , relax and feel amazing with sauna and sea dips.



Enjoy a wood fired Finnish sauna at the Smooth as Gerry event at Cayton Bay. Sauna has a whole list of significant benefits for the mind body and soul. Coupled with a cold plunge in water these benefits are amplified! Bring your cozzie and changing robe. We meet, take a seat and relax in the sauna. After 15-20 minutes you will want to get in the sea. Once you have cooled down in the sea you will want to get back in the sauna! You will want to repeat this a few times because you will be high as kite from your own endorphins. Book 30 mins, 60 mins or longer. You will leave this experience feeling super relaxed, rejuvenated, energized and with a new love for sauna! Please note the sea dip is optional and at your own discretion and risk.


Safety and trust

Safety and trust

We create a safe space for you to surrender, relax and feel into the experience.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

You are in control of your experience. We take you slowly, gently and incrementally to a place which brings the most healing.

Inner and outer healing

Inner and outer healing

When you work on the inner healing, then everything else will fall into place.


To help you in your wellbeing journey we have a team to offer assistance and knowledge while you’re with us.

Daniel Bede O'Connor

Daniel Bede O'Connor

Daniel is experienced in hosting saunas and in guiding meditation and healing breathwork. He will guide you through the process, make sure you are safe and feeling comfortable within the experience.



Sam is a cold water specialist. Happiest in February in the North Sea in just his speedos. Sam is experienced in meditation, breathwork, primal movement and sauna. Sam will deliver the steam in his gentle manner. 


Have a look at our schedule below!




Rock up at the Gerry event

Come to the Gerry event hosted by Secret Spot at Cayton Bay. Have a good look around then when you are ready come on over to the sauna. 


Pop Up Wild Sauna

Come to the sauna at the time specified. Come in and get comfy. We slowly increase the heat. As your core temperature rises and your body starts to sweat after about 15-20 mins you will probably want to take a break to cool off, outside or in the water. After a few minutes we then get back in the sauna. If you book for an  hour we usually fit 3 rounds of sauna, interspersed with 2 breaks.  If you book for 30 mins you can just about squeeze two saunas in. 


Cold plunger

In between sauna rounds it is a good idea to cool off. To cool off you can either sit outside the sauna or you might like to take a cold water plunge. We would advise going into the water gently, incrementally, so that your body can get used to it. Once you in in up to your waist, take a deep breath through your nose and as you exhale slowly through your mouth gently submerge your body so you are sitting on the floor. There is no need to go out of your depth to get the full plunge.  The benefits of the cold plunge are many- i will tell you all about it in the sauna!

What's Included

What's Included

Essential oils

Yoga Mats



changing robe


We recommend simply doing the sauna what traditional sauna-ers have long done: nothing. Just sit there. Let your mind go. Do some reflecting while your thinking is still sharp; meditate when your mind starts going blank. Just be.

We will have a guided meditation and breathwork if the feeling is right.

It is also Ok to chat- this is your session and gift to yourself.

During your sauna session, you’ll lose a lot of water through your sweat — up to four cups during a twenty-minute session! Be sure to rehydrate with plenty of water afterward. Supplement with electrolytes as needed. 

We would also recommend to just go easy on yourself. You will be in a state of high vibration and relaxation. You want to be in that state as long as possible so stay away from stressful or negative situations, people or media. 

Bottle of water. Towl. Bag for putting clothes in while you are in the sauna. Dress in something loose and comfy with bathing costume underneath. We are just in bathing costume in the sauna then in and out of the sea (if you wish). Afterwards it's a case of getting back into your clothes again a bit wet, so consider a dressing gown/towel/ dry robe for modesty.

Sauna at Secret Spot Smooth as Gerry Event

United Kingdom· September 17 2022· 30 minutes