United Kingdom·March 30 2023

Wild Sauna Tent Rental

Pitch up our wild sauna where ever you like! Use the enquire button below. All dates available.



Nature-lovers everywhere can explore the great outdoors whilst enjoying the benefits of sauna life with our sauna tent rental. Our authentic Finnish sauna tents have been winning over sauna and cold plunge enthusiasts around the Yorkshire and the North East for the last year. This lightweight sauna tent is perfect for small and medium-sized groups. Family and friends gathering. Birthday parties. Days at the beach or in nature...or even in the back garden! Our portable sauna tents can be used in the back garden, at the beach, by the river or the lake and even up in the hills! Equipped with a compact heater, this is a sauna that you can actually take with you to the middle of nowhere. The tents are easy to install and stands by itself without any ropes. Think sauna tents aren’t real saunas? Think again. The tents get really hot (>100 degrees). You can throw water on the rocks, throwing off a ridiculous amount of steam. They can be transported by car and be set up in 20 minutes. The tents can be rented for half day (£350) full day (£500) or for the weekend (£750). Please note delivery price will be calculated based on your location. We can also include a Breathwork session (extra charge).

Wild Sauna Tent Rental

United Kingdom· March 30 2023· 3 hours