Explore the power of the breath with our online sessions

Improving  how we breathe and using certain breath techniques can help in all manner of modern ailments. Find out about  our online breath sessions below.

For better sleep

Sleep the most underrated  performance enhancing action you can take. If you sleep poorly the rest of your day is sub par, Breathing exercises are a practical tool for getting you to sleep and also getting you back off to sleep if you wake up. Breathing correctly can also give you more deep restorative sleep.  Every Monday at 9PM GMT.

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To manage stress, anxiety and panic

Breath training is highly effective at reducing stress, anxiety and even panic attacks. These sessions give you the tools you need to manage tough times. This session is also good for anyone with blood pressure issues.  Every Tuesday at 10AM GMT.

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For energy, focus and drive

Coming Soon! This session is about giving you an energy boost so it is great at the afternoon slump. We are also giving you the breath tools to be able to bring focus into your life - get stuff done in challenging environments and reduce distraction.  

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Breakthrough Breathwork

This session is all about helping you to progress. Whether it is developing an action plan,  removing obstacles, coming up with ideas, changing lifestyles or problem solving. This session uses various techniques to give you the clarity to propel you forward. Every Friday at 10am.

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